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Do Refurbished Laptops Work the Same as New Ones?


Today’s laptops are becoming more expensive, something that has only worsened with the supply chain disruptions stemming from the COVID-19 pandemic. As a result, getting your hands on quality, brand-new laptops can cost you anywhere from $600 to well over $1,000. One alternative you may want to consider is refurbished laptops. But are these products as good as new laptops? In this guide, we’ll take a closer look at refurbished and new laptops to help you understand the difference between the two.

What exactly is a refurbished product?

Many buyers may avoid refurbished laptops because they believe that the product may be used and, therefore, faulty or low quality. However, that couldn’t be further from the truth. A product is categorized as refurbished when it has been returned to the manufacturer because there were defects in the product, often cosmetic defects like dents or scratches. Once it has been returned, the manufacturer will run tests on the product, make any necessary repairs or hardware replacements, and then package it to be sold again. It is not a used laptop but a laptop that was never actually used due to issues with the product in the first place.

So, why do people buy refurbished laptops? Put simply, you can get these products in practically new condition for a great deal. Whether you’re looking for products by Dell, Acer, or Lenovo, you can find plenty of refurbished laptops online that will help you save money on laptops for school, work, or personal use. Even better, you can find refurbished accessories for a good deal as well, making it easy for you to get all the hardware you need without breaking the bank. No matter your needs, it’s always a great idea to consider buying refurbished before you buy new.

What you need to consider before you shop for refurbished laptops.

Buying a refurbished product requires you to do your due diligence so that you can maintain your peace of mind while you wait for your new laptop to reach your doorstep. Some questions you will need to ask yourself and items to pay attention to include:

  • What is the exact language being used for the product listing? The tricky part about buying refurbished laptops is that language can be used to fool buyers into buying something they don’t want. For example, a product may actually be used and contain buzzwords like pre-owned or reconditioned, both of which are very different from refurbished. Another term that will be tagged onto refurbished units is “certified,” for which certification may vary greatly. Paying attention to the language being used and the condition of the product is crucial to getting the best unit for your needs.
  • Does the listing tell you about the contents and condition of the product? The listing on the reseller’s website should tell you everything you need to know about your desired laptop. This includes the laptop specs, the condition of the laptop, every accessory that’s included, and anything else you need to know about the device. No matter whether you’re buying a Chromebook or a MacBook, this is important. If there’s a lack of transparency, this is a good indication that you shouldn’t be shopping with that vendor.
  • Does the product offer a warranty and does the reseller offer a decent return policy? Sometimes, things happen to electronic products. It’s when you don’t have a warranty or don’t buy from a seller that offers a return policy that things can be problematic. Make sure your device comes with a warranty of at least one year and that you can return your product if you encounter any issues.
  • Will this laptop give you everything you need? Even though you’re getting a brand-new unit, you will generally be receiving an old laptop model, as refurbished laptops tend to be a few generations behind new models. Pay close attention to hard drive capacity, battery life, hardware like your webcam, and other important details that will affect functionality. Your refurbished laptop will be more affordable, but it’s important that it provides you with the support you need as well!

Refurbished laptops are not the same as used laptops and are often the best choice for those who need functional models at a better price. However, it’s important to know what refurbished products are before you buy a new laptop. If refurbished laptops have made their way on your radar, the guide above will provide you with all the information you need to make an educated purchase on a refurbished model.

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