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How to Choose the Right Glasses for Each Face Type and Skin

How to Choose the Right Glasses for Each Face Type and Skin

Choosing glasses need to meet the health factor for the wearer and needs to be more aesthetically pleasing. Let me tell you how to choose the right glasses for each face type and skin tone in the comments below!

1. How to determine face shape


To determine the shape of your face, you need to first pull all the hair, or use hair glue to smooth it back. Next, you look directly in the mirror, look at the entire face and pay attention to the lines shown on the face, forehead, and chin:


Oval face

This is a face with balanced proportions and is considered an ideal face compared to other faces, often leaving sympathy for the opposite person.


Oval faces are oval or elliptical:

The angle between the jawbone and the chin should form an ellipse, unlike the V-line face, which often creates a V-shape.

The cheekbones are not too high, not too low.

The 3 parts of the face (forehead, middle, and lower grip) are balanced, the chin bone is not spread.


Heart-shaped face

The contours of the heart face work together harmoniously and bring high aesthetics to the entire face. This is a face that often has a charming beauty as well as attracts all eyes from people around.


The heart face looks like an egg placed upside down, specifically the forehead is a bit wide, but the lower you hold it, the more compact the face becomes.


Diamond face

If the points on the diamond face are in harmony with each other, then there will be no blemishes and vice versa. The number of people who own this type of face is not very popular.


A diamond-shaped face has the following features:


The cheekbones look wide and slightly high.

The forehead and chin are sharp and compact.

elongated face

This face shape looks long, usually about the width of the cheekbones. In addition, the forehead and jawline are usually circular, or horizontal, as the length of a rectangle.


Square face

Square faces usually have jaws that are as wide or as wide as the cheekbones. In addition, the forehead is also quite wide. In other words, the ratio of the width to the length of the face is almost the same.


Round face

Round faces are very recognizable, the line from the hairline to the chin is usually equal to the width of the cheekbones. The face has almost no corners, the forehead and jaw lines are round.


Triangle face

The triangular face shape has a narrow forehead, while the lower the cheeks and chin area, the wider it becomes.


2. How to choose the right glasses for your face


After determining your face shape, you can immediately choose the right eyewear style with the suggestions below:


Glasses that suit an oval face

To maintain this face’s balance, look for wider or wider frames than the widest part of an oval face. For example, a walnut-shaped eyeglass frame is horizontal.


Glasses that suit a heart-shaped face

To reduce the degree of the upper part of the heart face, choose glasses with a frame (bottom frame) so that the view looks wider.


For example, thin, rimless, and light-colored frames will be the most suitable lenses.


Glasses suitable for diamond face

To soften the cheekbones and highlight the eyes, try choosing a frame with a rather special texture.


Be it rimless glasses, oval frames, or cat eyes will be a good choice for diamond face owners.


Perfect eyes with an elongated face

To create a sense of shortness and balance an elongated face, you need to choose glasses with a frame that shows more depth than choosing glasses with a width. In addition, the frame can be textured and the frame should be large.


Glasses suitable for square faces

To create the illusion of a square face that looks longer and shows softer lines, you should choose eyeglasses with wide frames or flat oval frames.


Glasses suitable for round faces

To balance a round face, you should choose frames with narrow angles to create the illusion of elongating the face. The square frame and the junction between the two lenses should be larger than the thickness.


Glasses suitable for triangle faces

To overcome the narrowness of the forehead and create accents for the triangular face, choose to try colored frames and the upper half of the frame can add textures, or have a thickness to create accents. . For example, cat eye glasses are also a good choice!

3. How to choose the right glasses for your skin?

Eyeglasses look better when worn, you are not only interested in choosing the right glasses for your face, but also need to pay attention to the factor of skin color.


Regardless of your skin tone, skin color is usually divided into 2 tones: cool colors and warm colors.


Cool skin color: usually pink, blue. Olive skin tones are a mixture of green and yellow.

Cold skin color type, should choose glasses with black, silver, rose brown, gray-blue, blue, magenta, jade, pink, plum color, dark amber color.


Warm skin color: usually peach-creamy, yellow.


Try choosing glasses with shades of yellow, copper, orange, peach, coral, off-white, turtle gold, warm red, and magenta for people with this skin tone.

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