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How to DIY your Own Spa at Home

How to DIY your Own Spa at Home

When it comes to relaxation, no one knows what to do better than a spa. They are designed to make you feel nurtured and calm the moment you walk into the premises. As you open the door, the fragrances of lavender, lemongrass, and ylang-ylang comfort you as a kind host welcomes you. They prepare you for your session with a warm robe and some tea to calm your insides as they guide you through the corridors to one of their treatment rooms. Whether you choose massages, sauna, steam room, or other body treatments, they will make you feel pampered.


If you want to go to a resort of this type but for any reason find it impossible or prefer staying in tonight, there are many ways you can make yourself feel pampered and nurtured. Here are some of the ways to DYI your own spa at home.

Set the relaxing ambiance on 100.

First, you want to make sure you set the environment for the session. Be sure to clear your treatment rooms from any clutters or messes that may distract you from your indulging experience. You want to have scented candles, humidifiers, hot tea or chocolate (whichever hot beverage you prefer), and a warm robe to wear between each of the activities. You can even include soft instrumental music or nature sounds to help you calm your senses and get in the mood for the relaxing session.

Mask up for the night.

Next, you’ll want to apply your masks, sit back, and relax. This includes your face, eye, and hair masks. You can use cucumbers to keep your eyes fresh and a hair conditioner for deep and restorative hydration. For face masks, try to wear something that will enhance your skin instead of making it break out or oil too much. The same goes for your hair—if it’s curly or straight, be sure to use a conditioner that will work effectively on your type of hair.

Enjoy a self-hand and foot massage.

Moreover, you can take your masseuse skills to another level by giving yourself a hand and foot massage. For these restorative treatments, you can use moisturizing creams or oils to smoothly rub your skin in a way that brings you serenity. You may want to press on your muscles to release some tension, but don’t overdo it as you may hurt yourself. If massaging your feet manually doesn’t sit well with you, you can try using a portable foot massager in which you can dip your feet in warm bubbly water. After doing this, you can scrub your feet if you have any calluses or give yourself a manicure or pedicure now that your nails are softer than usual and ready to be managed.

Dip your stress in a warm bubble bath.

Although you don’t have a sauna in your room, you can still relax your muscles and mind with a warm bubble bath. If you have bath bombs you can use to bubble up your bath, this is the moment to use them. You can also use Epsom salts or even natural flower petals like roses or lavender to boost the nurturing in your tub. Like steam rooms, warm bubble baths can leave your skin feeling soft, rejuvenated, and relaxed—it’s the perfect way to push the restart button of your week. Your bubble bath is a good place to pick up a book or a glass of wine, lay back, and enjoy your pampering.

Prepare a soothing beverage before heading to bed.

Lastly, once you’ve stepped out of your soothing bubble bath, wrap yourself in a warm bathrobe and head to the kitchen for a nice and calming beverage. This can be warm milk tea or hot cocoa, lavender tea, or chamomile to relax your muscles. This is the finishing touch to an unforgettable night.


Doing your own spa at home doesn’t have to be an expensive or lousy experience. With a couple of candles, bath bombs, and a few creams, you can be set for a long and pampering night.

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